Translation Service

translation services

A main communication problem has always been the language barrier between different nations, and by time this issue kept fading till it almost no longer existed as now more people are getting educated and practicing more than one language aside from their native tongue.

That is why we endeavor to excel in providing information through translation from English to Arabic and vice versa since English is the most common practiced language worldwide and it is the main foreign language used in almost any entity in our country.

FairTech Team has a profound experience in translating diverse documents that are generated through different fields of practice such as trade, memos, laws, briefings, documents, fund prospectus, accounting articles, contracts ….etc.

4 easy steps

  • Email your documents to:
  • Quotation and time of deliverywill be sent to you for approval.
  • Starting translation upon your approval.
  • Deliver your translation – free of charge – by our representative – at your location